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Move one of the details

Some small details in a move likely to be ignored, but it tends to affect moving smoothly, only in this case can give some hope to the residents to move the CAD.  

1, the day before moving the refrigerator plugs should be removed in order to remove the moisture in the refrigerator, after moving into the new House 30 minutes after power on.  

2, quilt binding States to protect on the screen of the TV, then tie tape the TV fixed.  

3 lamp, lighting equipment to be boxed and put some newspaper around the lamps in their fixed without closed-box, enable the bearer to see.  

4, cats and dogs in the long-distance shipping might vomit because of motion sickness, so moving and moving in the morning the day before yesterday morning trying not to feed.  

5, valuables, jewelry, cash, bank books, be sure to carry around so as not to lose.  

6, whether it is their handling or moving company, some hazardous materials are embargoed, and must be properly handled, isolate it to carry dangerous goods include flammable, corrosive and explosive materials, such as paint, paint thinner, Nail Polish, nail polish remover, bleach, gasoline, motor oil, cleaning solvents, pesticide, etc.  

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