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How to improve the moving house Feng Shui

When washed in 1, inside or outside the home, or configure the poor, living in very poor circumstances, and because conditions do not permit the relocation, the compass can be used to convert dangerous so that it manages.  

2,   compasses can stop mean and secondly, replaceable games (Wang finance), the so-called two birds with one stone.  

3, change the transport method of the Compass: 

A, size is not limited.  

B, subject of the compass opening correctly.  

C, optional auspicious, placing Ford in the living room, not limited to the main entrance.  

D, death in the family, not placing a compass, that soul is afraid to go home, (one year) years later, placed a compass.  

E, prosperous wealth law, that is placed in the living room and compass financial position, its function effectively.  

F, if placed within the Earth incense burners, buy a small compass, along with incense ashes. Below the statue to be placed in, buy larger compass.  

G, the Earth God, God of territoriality, within a small compass on incense burners, to adjust for the front of the compass North and rear guides. Statues are deity, below the compass to adjust for front Guide, then North.  

H, child was frightened and crying in the Middle, and compass can be placed in the lintel, dissolve, dirty things.  

I, placed inside the car compass, can also make driving safe.  

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