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Transferred 1.5 year old buildings have not taken

Lived in room 402, unit 2, building 1, Li Yanqin told reporters that the three families of new type building material company, Harbin is building the building, a total of nearly 200 households. In December 2005, the Harbin municipal real estate relocation Housing Bureau put up notices, called this area approved by the Harbin City Government, developed by Harbin Xin Bao real estate development company, will be built in Harbin second affordable housing community--the Dongshan district, demolition period on December 28, 2005 to January 16, 2006. When the relocation, the developers said, after 18 months into the new residential building. In line with the relocation, she moved out at the end of December 2005. Li Yanqin area is 34 square metres of housing, she entered into repurchase agreements with developers, the old House by 1540, equivalent of more than 80,000 yuan per square meter, she bought back 32 m new homes, new homes 1720 Yuan per square meter, so she paid 1300 Yuan replenishment. Li Yanqin said following her relocation has lived rent house, rent is 400 Yuan per month, and her pension only 600 Yuan a month, life is very difficult. Now she has lived rent a House for 1.5 years, but old houses still have not broken, I do not know rent out day how long?   

Three most of the residents of the building have been prescribed in the relocation is completed, signed with the developer buy-back offers, and had varying amounts of fetching a lot. Living in building 3, building 1, Room 401, Qi Jing Tang after the removal of signed repurchase agreements with developers and 17000 Yuan replenishment. Now, he would rent a House to live in.   

See old buildings not demolished, residents are in such a hurry, holding buy-back contracts asked many times developers are still not a definite answer, people do not know when we can live in a new House.   

Harbin Xin Bao real estate development company Deputy Manager Qu Mingzhou introduction, the lot was designated by the Harbin municipal government--one of the second instalment of affordable housing community in Harbin in Dongshan district. These three buildings housing Housing Bureau as a d grade in Harbin at the time, and as requested, they organized the residents to move. And now delays in construction due to the Government's unified planning, waiting next to the cottage after the removal of 400 homes in uniform construction. Is expected to begin in September this year on the bungalow units, fetches when the residents will be is hard to say.   

Reporters learned from the Harbin municipal real estate residential housing project management, Xiang 171 to 175th Street, three building demolition, it is because of the three-building is a dangerous, delays in construction because the starting procedure has not been implemented.   

Residents expressed surprise about this, the Government decided that our building was dangerous, let members move ought to be doing good things for people, but the Government should not be in after our move, there is no next step.   

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