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Site relocation moving companies business is hot

"Sha Li, development and construction, is to make the luohe more beautiful, more pleasant environment. As one of the street, I have no reason not to support the work of the Government...... "yesterday morning, moved to SsangYong Jia Shu yuan, Liu told reporters.   Ms Liu said Li after the start of development work, my city, many residents are facing evictions, so she and her neighbors responded to the Government call, and actively looking for temporary accommodation. Ms LAU on July 19 happily moved into SsangYong Jia Shu yuan, although the rent paid higher than Government-subsidized rent, but she have not complained, said: "this Government is for the sake of us, I am very satisfied! "  Has more people on the move, the moving company hot up the business. A company official told reporters, restaurant "is simply marvelous." Moving companies before business is very slow, in addition to the newly married couple moved to a new home a little extra business, usually can be said to be "passed". Now, Sha Li, is doing the development and construction of the municipal government, has also developed the luohe city, Li development construction compensation and resettlement programme, citizens actively respond to the Government call for fast-moving, so that took up the moving companies out of business. "Now looking for our company moved residents flocked to a 1 time when the company's turnover than in previous times. "He said happily.

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