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Relocation policy into focus

Relocation policy Spotlight   in fact, corporate relocation rules are most concerned about is the Government's policy. Journalists from a variety of sources in Chengdu and has been implemented on a large scale relocation of Dalian in the relocation of companies to make some policy guidelines, as well as understanding the focus of most issues. These issues include: the scope of the relocation of enterprises, land use rights transfers and the use of transfer payments, resettlement workers and tax policy.   Scope of the relocation of enterprises   in Chengdu provided, adjusting area of heavily-polluting enterprises, high energy-consuming enterprises and enterprises must carry out the relocation and renovation of large traffic; General relocation of industrial enterprises should be subject to active implementation of urban planning reformation; heavy losses, insolvent, unable to pay its debts, losses shall be shut down bankrupt enterprises with no hope of an in-place.   Is different from the main implementation of relocation within the designated area, Chengdu city, Dalian City enterprise development relocation and renovation of the implementation plan provides that adjustment focused on gloomy market prospects, high energy consumption, high volume, heavy pollution and poor efficiency of enterprises and products.   Reporters in Chengdu, a Commission "on the ideas and suggestions of adjustment of industrial structure in the East suburb of Chengdu," noted in the report, was moving mainly concentrated in the eastern suburbs, because this region is Chengdu's old industrial base, built almost 40 square kilometers of planned area, industrial land than the entire planning area 30%, gathers 253 of large and medium industrial enterprises. Most layout cluttered, land utilization is low, making it difficult for city functions improve, damaged the image of the city. So the relocation of companies focused on the region, Chengdu city, integrity and inspections.   Land use right transfer policies   Chengdu municipality, the relocation of enterprises site allocation to obtain land-use rights, land auctions organized by the Government. Government charge on the sale price of 15% or 30% land. Rest for the relocation and renovation of enterprises. Relocation site of the enterprise to transfer land use rights achieved, assignment and change of land use, in principle by the Government and the enterprises acquired or traded by enterprises in urban land market. Meanwhile, Government land transfer price charge on the 5% or 10%.   Dalian policies implemented a uniform policy and principle of combining cases. Land leasing most of the relocation and renovation of existing enterprises funds, few focus formation Fund, devoted to industrial restructuring, to address adjustment due to land price and covers an area of and the burden on enterprises, formed by the bitterness and balance problems. Specifically, land leasing, real estate development, by developing the land 30%, development of public lands of the 50%, for infrastructure, another 70% or 50% according to a certain proportion of business, the remaining part by the Municipal Office of the adjustment of industrial structure adjustment to coordinate the use of the Fund.   Reporters in the interview that, for listed companies, transfer of land use rights is a major focus of its relocation and difficult problems. Because a considerable part of listed companies in China are coming from the old state-owned enterprise reform, the group is often the major shareholders, the controlling shareholders of listed companies, and the listed company does not have land or with the Group dividing all of the problems of land ownership, so the removal of listed companies may not enjoy the provisions of the policy. Shinfat technology problems are faced in this. And the Government's policies often ignore these details. To this end, technology on January 29, special announcements, saying "relocation shall be conducted on the premise of loss compensation", and obliges the Board of Directors the Board is responsible for approving compensation programme.   Policy of resettlement workers  , Chengdu city, had a provision in principle, due to corporate relocation and renovation, resulting in labour contract can not be executed upon not agreement on the revision of labour contracts may discharge the labor contract according to law, in accordance with the relevant provisions to pay economic compensation. Among them, State-owned enterprises have been restructured and transformed the identity of workers enterprise when termination of labor contracts with the workers, workers in a one-time placement fee and cash shares part prescribed by the articles, resettlement workers listed companies fall in this column.   However, due to more specific rules for the implementation of flexibility is strong, the specific circumstances of each company varies. Resettlement workers policy remains the focus of enterprises and workers. According to press reports, relocation of eastern suburb of Chengdu city enterprises involved nearly 130,000 employees, nearly one-third after the relocation of workers. Eastern suburbs listed companies due to restructuring, asset replacement, staffing issues, problems concerning resettlement and compensation of employees have become more prominent. Stake President Xia Yibao believes that compensation costs should best be delegated group to complete, which is conducive to moving, reduce the burden on public companies and the compensation and resettlement and achieve win-win.   Dalian of related provides and Chengdu city basic same, while also provides relocation transformation enterprise of surplus workers, enterprise should active development three produced and new of production road for placed; enterprise itself cannot placed of, can by industry competent sector or labor sector in this industry and city range within placed, but enterprise must by provides paid must costs; surplus workers self-employment of, enterprise can to must compensation. After workers self-employed provides continuous payment of old-age insurance fund, unemployment insurance fund, the original length of service and payment age limit can be calculated continuously, retirement age, retirement, unemployment can enjoy relief.   Tax   reporter noted that industrial enterprises in the eastern suburb of Chengdu city, relocation and renovation of the interim measures and there is no specific relocation relocation of companies and tax problems after the removal of the detailed provisions. In principle provides that corporate tax to finance relocation and renovation should be based on financial situation, arrange special funds, relocation companies relocation of the building. After the relocation and renovation companies moved, paid over to the local tax solutions.   City policy is far more detailed provisions, due to environmental pollution introduction of relocation and renovation, investment in new plant construction project, its old original building area of investment orientation regulation tax can be contrasted with "zero rate" procedure; out of part of the original area, review by the Office of the adjustment of industrial structure in conjunction with the tax authorities, approval of the municipal leading group for industrial restructuring, appropriate investment tax relief. Have relocation and renovation businesses set up the tertiary industry, the tax year, serious loss-making companies to set up tertiary industry, placement of surplus staff in the 60% above, can be exempted from income tax for three years. To shutdown for relocation and renovation of enterprises, from the date the Government approved its moving, approved by the tax authorities, in the 1-3 years, where local tax relief.

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