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Shougang relocation program initially identified

Program   relocation plan in five years   

Said Shougang Chairman Zhu Jimin, Shougang processing fixed, on the development of shunyi automobile plates, panels used in construction projects just corporate adjustments, rather than move. Shougang relocating high pollution is the main iron and steel smelting project, relocation sites is located in 80 km south of Tangshan, Hebei's caofeidian, planned area of about 20 square kilometers. "We will immediately start the relocation and renovation after the approval of the State Council, plan on spending 5 years to complete. "  

Reportedly, in 2004 city NDRC hosted CPPCC members proposal handle situation will Shang, city NDRC had for CPPCC members Ni Guofeng of proposal---on as soon as possible reply Shougang structure adjustment planning programme, promote Shijingshan district speed up development of recommends, proposed has Shougang structure adjustment programme, programme content is: plans in 2007 years Qian in Beijing shunyi district built 1.5 million tons cold rolled Board line and and of supporting of color coated Board, and plating zinc Board line; plans in 2010 years Qian, In caofeidian in Tangshan region, Hebei province built with the 21st century international advanced level, large-scale iron and steel enterprises like 8 million tons.   

Tax   corporate income tax is still the headquarters   

Tax issues of concern for the outside world, Zhu Jimin said the State administration of taxation have approved the applications of Shougang enjoy special State policy, namely corporate income tax in the headquarters area, but VAT is not included. "This policy is not Shougang family enjoying, there is precedent for this in other regions. "Mr Zhu emphasized that no matter what Shougang's future development, Shougang headquarters economy forever in Beijing. It is understood that sales revenue last year was Shougang 62 billion, this year's target of 65 billion.   

Recommended   relocation should learn from foreign experience in   

CPPCC Member Ni Guofeng said relocation of Shougang's main business is an important part of Beijing's industrial layout adjustment, should be strongly supported by the State, Beijing. With reference to the State preferential policies taken by the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China, drawing Germany Ruhr area, Paris, xinshi district, and Japan Tsukuba transformation transformation of international successful experience.   

He suggested Beijing efforts to bring about a reply as soon as possible steel restructuring plan recommended by city leaders to take the lead, steel industry moved to adjust specific survey work carried out as soon as possible; recommendation Shijingshan district Beijing Shougang in iron and steel industry gradually moved out at the same time, especially Shougang, Shijingshan district as soon as possible a clear functionality to an existing plant in the city's new location, urban land planning and industrial distribution program.   

Relocation of Shougang is divided into three stages:   

End of 2005 by 2 million tons of steel production.   

End of 2007 and then compress output of 2 million tons of steel.   

End of 2010 involved a steel part of relocation.   

Increased steel moved out "blue sky" hope   

Relocation of Shougang will Beijing's air quality and the blue sky plan how much impact? This relocation involved more than 10 billion in assets and tens of thousands of workers, some workers how to work and live? Brought about by the removal of surplus staff and diversion, resettlement and social security do? "Shougang period after" paradise Hill where the? Two local is about Shougang's arrival? Reporters from Shougang official answers and find out the steel restructuring programme.   

Hard to use indicators to assess the impact on the air   

Shougang will move on Beijing's air quality and how much blue sky plan improvements? Shougang Chairman Zhu Jimin said exactly how much improvement he amount of indicators to evaluate. "Some experts say 6% to 8%, but they are still not sure, I don't know, but the relocation of Shougang transformation is sure to Shijingshan Beijing, air, blue sky and lead to positive change. "  

Proper placement of surplus staff and through various channels   

More urgent issue is placement---according to the estimation of the Shougang group, after the removal of surplus personnel of more than more than 28,000. In this regard, the Shougang Group's approach is: multi-channel solution. After the removal of some employees, will be part of the retirement, some employees will be accommodated in the reemployment project in Beijing, Shougang group is required and a significant portion of employees placed through business development. Shougang Group's headquarters will play a role in this regard, including Shougang's auto, electronics, mechanical and electrical manufacturing, real estate, construction, development and operation of the system and so on.   

Relocation of employees can be set back to Beijing break   

Such a massive relocation, how to do the ideological work of the staff, the staff will leave Beijing for the field? Mr Zhu is optimistic about this. He said as long as the company developed the workers themselves realize the personal value of the stage, this work should be relatively easy to do. "We make clear on employees in the future development of Shougang, the other person can accept, now highways are convenient, we focus on activities, focused on rest, workers were returned to Beijing and family reunions on a regular basis. "Said Zhu Jimin, Shougang relocation and renovation are also facing a lot of difficulties," which all need to be addressed in the development! "  

Preferential policy easing pains of Shijingshan   

The Shougang group pointed out that the structural adjustment programmes, taking into account the relocation of Shougang will bring assets to the enterprise losses, huge loss, the debt burden and other difficulties, Shougang is located in Shijingshan district, in terms of employment, social security, the Government will face unprecedented pressures. Therefore, submit the steel restructuring programme of the national development and Reform Commission, and also loans for new projects to the State loans, tax return, environmental funds, verification of assets, building a large theme park and other preferential policies in order to tackle the problem history and reality, achieving and Beijing Shougang comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.  

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